Mark Rylance joins Steven Spielberg once again for Ready Player One

Steven Spielberg Ready Player One banner

Earlier this week it was announced that Mark Rylance, after having worked with Steven Spielberg on BRIDGE OF SPIES and THE BFG, had signed on for his upcoming film, THE KIDNAPPING OF EDGARDO MORTARA. Well, it seems as if Spielberg just can't get enough of the Academy award-winning actor and has now lassoed him into READY PLAYER ONE. Aside from INDY 5, that means that Spielberg and Rylance will be hanging out for every project he has coming up in the foreseeable future!

READY PLAYER ONE takes place in year 2044, where humans have come to prefer the vurtual universe over the real world. In this Oasis, Tye Sheridan will portray a teen who winds up competing in a treasure hunt against ruthless foes after the game’s founder dies. Rylance will play the game's founder, while the enigmatic Ben Mendelsohn will take on the villain role.

There's no doubts that Rylance is an amazing actor, but apparently he also proves to be a great working partner for Spielberg. Directors certainly have their moments where they become attached to an actor, whether it be Scorsese and DeNiro/DiCaprio or Nolan and Michael Caine. I only hope that the output for these films are of the high quality that we're used to when it comes to Spielberg. As long as John Williams is up for scoring these, my body is ready!

READY PLAYER ONE is set to hit theaters on March 30, 2018.

Mark Rylance

Source: Variety



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