Martin Scorsese has pulled the plug on his Frank Sinatra biopic

Martin Scorsese Frank Sinatra

Those of you who were eagerly awaiting Martin Scorsese's take on Ol' Blue Eyes will likely be disappointed to discover that Scorsese has shelved the project. It's been close to a decade since he first signed on direct a biopic exploring the life of Frank Sinatra, but the frequent delays have finally took their toll. While speaking with The Toronto Sun, Scorsese announced that he has abandoned his plans for the film and is officially moving on.

We can’t do it! I think it is finally over. They [remaining members of the Sinatra clan] won’t agree to it. Open it up again and I’m there! Certain things are very difficult for a family, and I totally understand. But, if they expect me to be doing it, they can’t hold back certain things. The problem is that the man was so complex. Everybody is so complex — but Sinatra in particular.

Scorsese wasn't about to shy away from the darker aspects of Frank Sinatra's life, including his ties to organized crime, and it seems that the Sinatra estate wasn't comfortable with exploring that part of the entertainer's life. It's always a shame when a project like this doesn't come together, especially considering the years it took to secure the rights to Sinatra's life and music as well as the considerable amount of research which screenwriter Phil Alden Robinson (FIELD OF DREAMS) prepared even before starting work on the script. Although Scorsese seems open to returning if an agreement can be reached, I doubt we'll be seeing his take on Sinatra anytime soon.

Martin Scorsese's latest, SILENCE, is currently playing in theaters in limited-release, but will expand on January 13th. Make sure to check out a review of SILENCE from our own Chris Bumbray right here.

Source: Toronto Sun



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