Marvel Studios graciously concedes the box office record to Jurassic World

When a record gets broken, you expect it to be big news. So, when JURASSIC WORLD actually toppled the opening weekend record for MARVEL'S THE AVENGERS, every news outlet was talking about it. So, like any good sport does, Marvel responded. And they did so in the classiest way possible.

Marvel's Kevin Feige, keeping it classy, had a little piece drawn up by Andy Park to pay tribute to JURASSIC WORLD taking the number one spot. Here is what he tweeted.

While Universal and Marvel/Disney are competitors when it comes to business, it is nice to see that they can play nicely when it comes to this kind of news. Plus, it doesn't hurt that Chris Pratt is a key member of the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY franchise. In either case, very nicely done by Marvel.

It remains to be seen how long JURASSIC WORLD will hold onto that record with several high profile films coming over the next couple of years. First up is STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS which I would anticipate to break multiple records when it debuts in December. Until then, JURASSIC WORLD can remain the top ranked opening weekend in history.

JURASSIC WORLD is now playing.

Source: Twitter



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