Marvel villain Tom Hiddleston says Thor 2 may not actually have a director yet

You can tell by his cheerful candor that perhaps Tom Hiddleston isn't accustomed to working on big-budget Hollywood movies and the PR filter training that generally accompanies it. And he certainly does love discussing his work as THOR adversary Loki in Marvel's movies.

But the mischief god may have put the kibosh on a previous report that Brian Kirk (of HBO's "Game of Thrones") would handle directing duties on THOR 2. "I also don’t know that that’s actually confirmed," he tells MTV. "That’s not me being coy. I spoke to Kevin Feige last week on [The Avengers] set and he said, 'Oh no, we haven’t got anyone yet. We’re thinking about people. I think [Kirk's] name is definitely in the hat, but I don’t think anything is solid'."

Hiddleston also says that he thinks in the sequel, Loki will "have to take responsibility for what he’s done" and would love to end up battling alongside his Thunder God brother: "The great thing about Loki is there is potential in him for greatness and awfulness, for great heroism and great villainy. There are still, even within 'The Avengers,' there are moments where you see within Loki a glimmer of hope and that possibility of redemption. Nobody is black and white, there are shades of grey in all of us. We all have potential for greatness and we all have flaws. I for one am championing the redemption."

Extra Tidbit: Loki was also the name of Mickey Rourke's beloved chihuahua, who died in 2009 at age 18 and had no involvement in the attempted destruction of Jotunheim.
Source: MTV



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