Marvel's Squirrel Girl may hit TV in New Warriors comedy series

There's been a lot of talk these past couple of months regarding a Marvel character by the name of Squirrel Girl. As silly as the name sounds, Squirrel Girl does possess super strength and fast healing (a la Wolverine) and yes, she can also talk to squirrels. Thanks to some support from charismatic actress Anna Kendrick and director Edgar Wright, the little-known comic character has snowballed itself into the public eye. Earlier this month there was word that Marvel had trademarked some Squirrel Girl goods, and we may finally now know why.

According to TV Line's sources, Marvel and ABC Studios are developing a half-hour comedy series based on New Warriors. Featuring a team of super heroes that are primarily teenagers, New Warriors would also feature none other than Doreen Green AKA Squirrel Girl. There's no word on whether or not Kendrick would be considered for the role, as the show is in early development and being shopped around to different cable and streaming networks. Given the success of Marvel's recent Civil War: Team Thor short (of which you can watch the hilarity below), I'd say audiences are more than ready for some comic book comedy!

Source: TV Line



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