Max Landis has finished the first draft of the American Werewolf remake

AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON from John Landis is a masterful piece of horror-comedy, featuring legendary make-up work from Rick Baker. Being a shining gem of the genre, many fans don’t want to see it remade, but that’s exactly what’s happening with John’s son, Max Landis, penning the script. We’re now that much closer to seeing how his work stacks up, as Landis took to Twitter to announce he’s done with the first draft.

Landis acknowledged on Twitter how hard it’s been writing the script with the obvious pressure looming over him. He also took note of the movie’s structure and plot elements, leading us to speculate how much/little will be changed in the remake:

He also responded to a reader question, addressing the role of the villagers of Yorkshire, and how they may be involved with or have greater knowledge about the werewolf happenings.

The original 1981 film followed two friends, David (David Naughton) and Jack (Griffin Dunne), as they backpacked across the English countryside. On a fog-stricken night, they are attacked by a werewolf, leaving David bitten and Jack dead. The movie then follows David as he falls for a nurse (Jenny Agutter), sees hallucinations of his friend, and discovers that he is now a werewolf himself. On top of terrific make-up, the film features a werewolf transformation scene that will haunt your dreams.

The original movie is a tremendous example of 80s horror, much like EVIL DEAD, and I can understand why many die-hard fans wouldn’t want to see it remade. I don’t think it’s necessary, but that doesn’t mean it will be a bad film. EVIL DEAD got a remake in 2013, and though it’s nowhere near as good, its still a bloody, fun ride. Hopefully, Landis can make his remake stand on its own two feet (paws?) and not just be a copy of his dad’s work. Yeah, no pressure.

Source: Max Landis



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