Mel Brooks says he would like to make Spaceballs 2 in 2016 with Rick Moranis

Folks, after 20 years without making a feature film, Mel Brooks is ready to make another. Whether it actually happens is up to a myriad of producers and studio executives, but the 88 year old legend has made it known that he wants to make a sequel to SPACEBALLS.

In a recent appearance on Adam Carolla's Take a Knee podcast, Brooks was asked what his next project might be. Here was his response.

Maybe I could do another musical, maybe I could do another movie. I was thinking about Spaceballs the other day. In Spaceballs, in the movie, Bill Pullman says to me, Yogurt, just plain Yogurt, he says "Do you think we'll ever meet again?" and I say "Well, I don't know…maybe in Spaceballs 2: The Search for More Money." And I'm thinking now, if I did a movie that came out right after Star Wars comes out — maybe a couple of months later — I'd have a big weekend, you know? No matter what, even if it fell on its ass and didn't get its money back…but that first weekend, the anticipation of seeing Spaceballs 2, would…I still have Daphne Zuniga and I still have Rick Moranis if he'd do it, and I've still got me.

Now, Brooks is a known exaggerator and comedian, so he could have just been spinning ideas around without any real truth behind them, but this is not the first time he has hinted at SPACEBALLS 2. Last year, Brooks told Parade he would only make the sequel if Rick Moranis came out of retirement. Since that self-imposed exile from film has a lot of personal reasons behind it, I doubt that he would come back. With both John Candy and Joan Rivers having died, there is still potential in having Bill Pullman and Daphne Zuniga reprise their roles in a similar capacity to how Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford are included in STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS.

Even if it is just wishful thinking, the world deserves more Mel Brooks movies. I will keep crossing my fingers and hoping this time it actually happens.

Source: Adam Carolla



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