Michael Bay might be DC and Warner Bros. main man to direct Lobo

Fresh off of the news that Joaquin Phoenix is in talks to play The Clown Prince of Crime in Warner Bros. standalone Joker film, we're now hearing that TRANSFORMERS director Michael Bay is being eyed by DC and Warner Bros. to direct a film based on the comic book character LOBO. According to The Wrap, the WB is hoping that a film about DC's moustachioed main man will be their answer to Marvel's DEADPOOL.

The Wrap says that Bay has already met with DC to discuss the project and to give notes on the rewrite of the film's script, which is currently being penned by WONDER WOMAN writer Jason Fuchs. Once the rewrite is complete, the studio will meet with Bay, once again, to see if a deal can be brokered.

Should the project come to pass, LOBO will center on DC's blue-skinned, 7-foot-tall, alien antihero who works as an interstellar mercenary and bounty hunter. The character made a splash during the dark days of '90s comic book history, and is often referred to as the Rob Zombie of the DC universe.

Previously, RAMPAGE director Brad Peyton was attached to direct, with Joel Silver and Akiva Goldsman producing. According to my calendar, Warners has been attempting to bring LOBO to the big screen since 2009, when Guy Ritchie was meant to helm the film based on a script from the late Don Payne.

No details concerning the plot of LOBO have yet to be revealed, as the script is still in the process of being re-written.

Man, I don't know about this one. I'm personally not a fan of the character, but could understand why both DC and Warner Bros. are looking to spice their cinematic universe up by introducing an out-of-the-box character like Lobo. Oh well, at least casting speculations for the character will be a hoot. It's too bad that Jason Momoa is already Aquaman, because he would have made for a perfect Lobo, in my humble opinion.

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Source: The Wrap



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