Michael Mann to launch his own line of novels including a prequel to Heat

There's no question that Michael Mann's films are studied extensively beforehand. The quality of the end result is up for debate, but Mann has a knack for detail. It looks like that scrutiny is going to pay off as the Mann is starting his own line of books, aptly called: Michael Mann Books.

The idea is to put together a group of writers and develop a series of novels that will have the opportunity to brought over to the film or television medium. Of course, Mann will oversee all and pull from everything he's worked on to get some of these novels started. So what will be the initial draw? How about a prequel to HEAT! As Deadline reports, the novel will fill us in on the earlier years of everyone's favorite characters, including Al Pacino's detective Vincent Hanna, Robert DeNiro's Neil McCauley, Val Kilmer's Chris Shihirles, and even Jon Voight's Nate. Talks with publishers are expected to begin very soon so Michael Mann Books can get underway.

I've never sat down and read a Michael Mann script, but I've always appreciated the layers that his films usually have. He seems to be very concious of this characters, thier motivations and their backstories. HEAT just happens to be the most masterfully crafted, and I'd absolutely be up for reading into more of those characters' lives. Think a gritty prequel TV show will be soon to follow?

Source: Deadline



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