Mirror, Mirror- who's the first actress to be cast in the Evil Dead remake?

Look, we all know that not everyone's going to be happy about the upcoming EVIL DEAD remake, but with the original crew behind it we can hope for the best, right?

Casting is starting and this is certain to be a huge point of contention, which is why it's so wise that they've decided to eliminate the character of Ash from the film entirely. Instead of Ash we have a main character named Mia, who is almost cast. Bloody Digusting has learned that Lily Collins (PRIEST, MIRROR MIRROR) is in final negotiations to play the role. 

Collins will have a deeper role to play than you'd expect. Mia has recently overdosed and is heading up to the cabin in the woods with her friends to detox- which may lend itself to her friends not taking her seriously when things go to hell. But a weekend of no drugs and booze is quite a different goal than most "kids go to the woods" movies...

EVIL DEAD starts shooting this March in New Zealand.

What do you think of the casting so far?



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