More in Dark Rising

Joining the just announced curse machine Ian McShane in the fantasy flick THE DARK IS RISING comes a whole gang of performers, chief among them Brit actor Chris Eccleston.

Though he recently was seen quite clearly having a blast as the titular Timelord on DOCTOR WHO (and on TV's HEROES), Eccleston is probably best known to US audiences for his villain turns in 28 DAYS LATER, ELIZABETH, GONE IN 60 SECONDS and as the ultimate creepy roommate in SHALLOW GRAVE. He'll continue his nefarious ways in DARK, playing a baddie known as the Rider.

The movie, about a boy (played by newbie Alexander Ludwig) who's destined to fight evil forces, has also collected Gregory Smith (EVERWOOD and SMALL SOLDIERS), Amelia Warner (AEON FLUX), Emma Lockhart (BATMAN BEGINS), Gary and Edmund Entin, Jonathan Jackson and John Benjamin Hickey (FLAGS OF OUR FATHERS).
Extra Tidbit: Eccleston had a role in Terry Gilliam's aborted THE MAN WHO KILLED DON QUIXOTE, but never got to film any scenes before the production was shut down.



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