More story details about Michael Mann's untitled cyber theft thriller starring Chris Hemsworth

Hemsworth and Mann

Back in February it was reported that Chris Hemsworth was attached to star in Michael Mann's first film in four years and it would be about cyber threats and attacks. But that was it for news: no title, no additional cast, nadda. There's some more news today but probably not nearly as detailed as you'd like.

IndieWire has news that according to Asian media reports, Michael Mann is currently in Hong Kong seeking out locations to film his new movie. Mann has also been in talks with some of the local talent for roles in the film such as Tang Wei (LUST, CAUTION), Nick Cheung Ka-fai (BEAST STALKER) and Shawn Yue Man-lok (INFERNAL AFFAIRS).

There still isn't any details about the film's story but IndieWire has learned that it will include a Balkan hacker working out of a South Asian country and the hacker will be wanted by both American and Chinese task forces.

Four years is a long wait for a new Michael Mann film and I am very intrigued to see how the director handles (in my opinion) a very interesting topic. I think a lot of people still have that mentality that hackers and cyber terrorists are just guys in their Mom's basement eating Hot Pockets. But as technology has become more integrated into our daily lives, businesses, and governments the threat of a cyber attack by a group or a country has become very real and I believe it's only a matter of time before something major happens.

Apparently Michael Mann would like to get production on the film underway by this summer so we should have more news on the project soon.

Extra Tidbit: One of my favorite scenes from a Michael Mann film was actually unscripted: the coyotes running across the road in COLLATERAL. Most of the filming was done with digital movie cameras and when the coyotes just happened to cross the street, Mann could film the event without having to set up lights due to how well the cameras work in low-lit areas.
Source: IndieWire



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