Mortal Kombat Interviews: Lewis Tan, Joe Taslim, and Mehcad Brooks!

FINISH HIM! Are you a MORTAL KOMBAT fan? Are you ready for a proper R-rated feature that gives fans gory goodness and an extra helping of violence and bloodshed? Thankfully, the latest take on the popular video game-inspired feature offers what was missing in the previous films. Directed by Simon McQuoid, the new flick features a few iconic characters like Sub-Zero (Joe Taslim) and Jax (Mehcad Brooks), as well as a new name to the popular franchise, Cole Young (Lewis Tan). And with the action-packed movie coming to theatres and HBO MAX, we have a whole bunch of interviews with several cast members coming up this week to celebrate.

First off, we started with Mehcad Brooks and Lewis Tan. The conversation began with a little reference to the terrific Bond flick Skyfall but quickly moved into the world of Mortal Kombat. For Mr. Brooks, the actor opened up about taking on this popular character and bringing a bit of reality to it. For Lewis Tan, it was a slightly different story as he had a whole new role to bring to the table. As for Joe Taslim, this talented fellow gets the honor of playing Sub-Zero, and he certainly had a bit of fun taking it on. He opened up about playing in this world and bringing the villainous baddie to the big screen. What was especially terrific about the interviews was the simple fact that every single one of the talent involved was especially kind, and just an absolute joy to speak to.

Are you ready? Let's bring on a little Mortal Kombat this Friday at a theatre near you, or if you prefer, the comfort of your own home. Since this is a wild one, you may want to see it on the biggest screen possible. Hopefully, it will be a flawless victory for fans! And there is much more to come this week as we offer interviews with Jessica McNamee (Sonya Blade), Josh Lawson (Kano), Ludi Lin (Liu Kang), Mad Huang (Kung Lau), and director Simon McQuoid!

Source: JoBlo.com

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