My Life Directed trailer takes us beyond the making of Only God Forgives

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Filmmaking is never easy. And if you're someone like Nicolas Winding Refn, coming off a hugely successful movie like DRIVE, your next film is going to have high expectations. The first trailer for MY LIFE DIRECTED shows just how hard it was on the great director in this intimate documentary about the making of ONLY GOD FORGIVES. Refn’s wife Liv Corfixen directs the behind-the-scenes action which looks like a revealing portrait of a director trying to balance his own expectations as well as the expectations of others including his family.

Here is the synopsis and trailer:

In MY LIFE DIRECTED BY NICOLAS WINDING REFN, Refn’s own deep conflict is swinging in the breeze as we witness him wrestle with the particularly challenging production of ONLY GOD FORGIVES. Directed and shot by his wife Liv Corfixen over the duration of the production and subsequent Cannes debut, MY LIFE DIRECTED BY NICOLAS WINDING REFN captures the very private and intimate moments to which a traditional documentary crew simply wouldn’t have access. The result is a fascinating, detailed look at a creative genius at work and also a portrait of a director torn between the general public’s desire for a “DRIVE 2″ and his own mission to explore more challenging narrative territory.

As someone who loves 'making of' documentaries, I'm more than a little intrigued at what this movie has to share. If movies like FULL TILT BOOGIE, BEST WORST MOVIE, or the great HEARTS OF DARKNESS taught us anything it's that sometimes the behind the scenes turmoil is sometimes more fascinating than the actual finished movie. That being said, I enjoyed ONLY GOD FORGIVES a lot but will admit the last line in this trailer that suggest half of people hate it is probably spot on.

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Source: RADiUS-TWC



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