Neill Blomkamp shows off new pulse rifle from his Alien movie

There goes Neill Blomkamp getting everyone excited about his ALIEN sequel again.

He did it once with his concept art, and it led to him actually getting a deal at Fox to make a new ALIEN movie.

Now he's going back to the well again, in order to ratchet up enthusiasm for what he's going to make once Ridley Scott is done with his ALIEN: PARADISE LOST film.

Taking to Instagram, Blomkamp is showing off the new pulse rifles he'll be using for his picture. Pulse rifles are what the Colonial Rifles were packing in James Cameron's ALIENS, and according to Blomkamp, his will have a Rail Interface System incorporated, meaning accessories such as tactical lights or scopes can now be attached.

We all knew there would be pulse rifles. Obviously. Now with added RIS

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Impressed? Thrilled? Ecstatic? Blomkamp thought you'd be... and that's why you've gotten a chance to see. Hopefully that will tide you over until the next reveal, which I imagine will be periodically throughout the process. After all, he has to keep things going on the up and up until whenever we get to see his film, which still has no firm date and is going to be a bit of a wait.

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