Neill Blomkamp & Simon Kinberg to bring Ruairi Robinson's Leviathan to life


One week ago we posted an amazing short film in our Cool Videos column, showcasing Ruairi Robinson's The Leviathan. The short, while light on story, displayed some exceptional effects and camera work. The short followed that of slave labor hunting down a massive creature. Space whaling, if you will. Well, it looks as those we weren't the only ones impressed as visionary director Neill Blomkamp (CHAPPIE) and uber-producer Simon Kinberg (X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST) are looking to produce a feature-film of The Leviathan! Screenwriter Jim Uhls (FIGHT CLUB), who also penned the short, is set to pen the screenplay of which Robinson would direct.

I couldn't help but gloat about the visual aesthetics of Leviathan that harkened back to a quasi-BLADE RUNNER/PACIFIC RIM mix. There's not many sci-fi projects that pull of a future I'm interested in seeing, but The Leviathan was one of them. While sweet visuals were enough to suffice for a short film, I'm hoping that Robinson and screenwriter Jim Uhls can pull together a story that's worthy of our time. In any event, this is great news for those of us who enjoyed the short, and it looks like it's in the right hands!

Source: Deadline



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