Netflix reportedly set to produce new episodes of Black Mirror

Black Mirror Charlie Brooker Banner

Channel 4's Black Mirror might be heading to Netflix. Yes, it's already available on the streaming service, but RadioTimes.com is reporting that Netlfix has reached an agreement with creator Charlie Brooker and his production company House of Tomorrow to produce multiple new episodes of the sci-fi series. According to the site, Brooker is currently working on the scripts for the new run.

The deal hasn't been confirmed yet by Netflix or Channel 4 though, and a source tells the site that Channel 4 has a first look deal on any new episodes.There has been talk of doing an American version of Black Mirror, but there's no word on if that is still in the works.

All three seasons of the techno thriller and last year's Christmas special received critical acclaim, and since becoming available on Netflix, has garnered a decent following of U.S. fans. This is fantastic news, especially since Brooker is reportedly penning the new episodes, but because Netflix hasn't officially announced anything yet, we'll have to wait and see if RadioTime.com's report is legit.

Source: RadioTimes.com



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