Bojack Horseman's fourth season finally gets release date from Netflix

I love BOJACK HORSEMAN. For such a ridiculous concept (an ostensibly cartoony world where animals and humans co-exist and deal with drug use and Hollywood ennui), BOJACK is actually pretty emotionally devastating. From the acid freakout in season 1, to the almost statutory rape in season 2, to the SPOILERS death of Sarah Lynn, BOJACK has gone - and done - some pretty heinous shit. What makes it even more impressive, then, is how legitimately hilarious and outrageous it is. It's probably one of the funniest shows streaming right now.

So it's exciting to hear that the fourth season of BOJACK is almost here! In fact, Netflix has just revealed that the new season will start streaming as early as September 8th! Come on!

So, any other fans of the show out there? If so, who's your favorite character, and why is Vincent Adultman?

Extra Tidbit: Bojack's trip toward the end of season 1 is still one of the most emotionally devastating things I've ever seen.
Source: Netflix



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