New 28 Weeks poster

It's only 28 days (conveniently) until the sequel 28 WEEKS LATER runs into theaters with rage, and a heavily Photoshopped alternate poster has appeared online at one very Russian site. I have to admit I prefer the original teaser poster -- this one gives me flashbacks to the misleading REIGN OF FIRE poster that promised fleets of Blackhawk copters battling numerous dragons in London skies, an event that clearly must have occurred "off screen" in the actual movie.

But I digress -- 28 WEEKS LATER takes place a few months down the line after London is evacuated and then re-infected with neo-zombies, or the biologically challenged, or whatever the hell people want to call them. Unsuspecting humans are obviously then mangled and/or torn asunder, because no horror movie is complete without a good asundering. Cheers to 'Neo_Com' for the alert!

NOTE: I just now realized this movie was directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, whose last film was the quite excellent Spanish thriller INTACTO (Netflix it!). I am now exponentially more interested in this sequel.

28 Weeks

Extra Tidbit: Americans shouldn't feel left out -- the USA will get infected later this year when Will Smith contends with the virus-afflicted population in I AM LEGEND.
Source: kino-govno



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