New Alice trailer pulls you further Through The Looking Glass

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An ALICE IN WONDERLAND sequel is for someone. I'm not sure for who yet exactly, as, even though the first film was a billion-dollar enterprise for Disney, I have always found it difficult to find someone who can lay claim to loving it and wanting more. But here we are anyway, with the follow-up ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS in the can and ready for release this summer. And, even though Tim Burton has moved on from the director's chair - replaced by James Bobin - it doesn't appear any of the aesthetic of the series has changed nor the overall feelings of bland that these characters carry.

The latest trailer for ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS has arrived, giving us a longer look at some familiar characters from the last adventure through Wonderland and... well, it does look like a lot more of the same, doesn't it? I guess if you're someone who got a kick out of the first film, this should do it for you, but, if you didn't like what WONDERLAND set out to accomplish, it would seem there's not much here for you to see.

ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS is on the release date calender for May 27.



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