New Black Panther preview arrives as tickets officially go on sale

We are about a month away from the first Marvel movie of the year, BLACK PANTHER, and already industry insiders are expecting it to have one of the largest solo openings of the MCU. Fans around the world are like children waiting for Santa Claus to come, lying awake at night wondering what precious gifts this movie will bring us. If you thought you couldn’t get more excited then prepare to have your mind blown with a brand new trailer for the movie. Tons of new footage is packed into this glorious 90 seconds, including a bunch of new action bits and some more scenes with Letitia Wright’s Shuri.

The preview marked the tickets for the movie officially going on sale, and now you can buy as many tickets as your heart desires. Pundits are already predicting the movie will open much larger than previous solo outings like DOCTOR STRANGE and CAPTAIN AMERICA, with the number right now being around a $100 million weekend. As of now, the movie is among the most anticipated of the year.

Like many of you BLACK PANTHER is one of my most anticipated movies of the year, and I think it's incredible so many people are excited to see it. The character isn't as well-known, like Iron Man or Spider-Man, and if it weren't for his CIVIL WAR appearance many audience goers may not know who he is at all. But the character is already a firm fixture in the MCU, and countless fans are thrilled to see such a big movie with a cast made up almost entirely of black men and women. There are so many reasons to get pumped for this movie my head is spinning trying to think of them all. Okay, now I'm a bit dizzy.

BLACK PANTHER hits theaters February 16, and you can get your tickets now.  

Source: Marvel



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