New Bounty Hunter poster a Photoshop fail

Not content with only having one horribly designed poster, THE BOUNTY HUNTER is stepping up its game with another entry, and this one is even more baffling than the first.

I was confused as to what was hard about taking a picture of two people standing on a road, and why that had to be Photoshopped at all, but this new poster raises even more questions, like how big exactly is Jennifer Aniston's left buttcheek that Gerard Butler seems to be sitting on it like a beanbag chair?

Don't even get me started on the world record setting "Most prominently placed tagline to ever appear on a movie poster" or the increasingly provocative use of handcuffs. Check out the poster below, and then look under that to see what I believe the next poster for the movie will look like if this current trend continues.

And my version, which I'm positive took me exactly as long to make as theirs:

Extra Tidbit: And the next poster? It's just going to be straight up TRIPLE-EX!
Source: JoBlo



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