New characters introduced in latest trailer for Pixar's Finding Dory

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A new trailer has surfaced online for Disney and Pixar's FINDING DORY, and it contains a lot of previously unseen footage that shows off some of the new and returning characters of the FINDING NEMO sequel, such as Albert Brooks' Marlin the clownfish, Idris Elba's Fluke the sea lion, Ed O'Neill's Hank the octopus and, of course, Ellen Degeneres' titular regal blue tang.

"You trust Becky? Becky is eating a cup."

Many are expecting FINDING DORY to be one of, if not the biggest domestic box office hit of the summer, but to be honest, none of the trailers have done much for me. I wasn't a huge fan of the first movie though, and I'm also not the targeted audience. How much do you think the film will end up making in the U.S.?

FINDING DORY will be in theaters on June 17, 2016.

Source: YouTube



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