New Dark Tower posters released featuring Roland and the Man in Black

Oh man, I'm super excited for THE DARK TOWER movie. And those awesome teasers certainly helped ease some of my fears (though not all of them). I mean, the idea of a fantasy western starring a badass Idris Elba fighting off against Satan Matthew McConaughey sounds epic-as-hell!

So now that we've finally seen some real footage (besides the leaked trailer months ago), and with the real trailer coming out tomorrow, Stephen King's Facebook revealed some new posters of Roland and the Man in Black (Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey, respectively) to whet more of our appetites. Let's take a look:


The posters look cool, if a bit generic. However, I am loving the old-timey guns with glowing blue runes, which is part of that awesome fantasy/western merging thing that's getting me excted. And honestly, Idris is rocking that black coat, so if Snipes can't do a new BLADE, I'd love to see Elba in the role...

Meanwhile, THE DARK TOWER will enter theaters August 4th, 2017.

Extra Tidbit: Not going to lie, as boss as Elba looks in this movie (which is super boss), I still wish he had a cowboy hat...
Source: Facebook



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