New Errol Flynn biopic In Like Flynn will *not* focus on his acting career

There's an old saying, "in like Flynn" that became associated later with Golden Age actor Errol Flynn that meant "having quickly or easily achieved a goal or gained access as desired", which made sense because he was known for getting what he wanted through pretty much charm alone. Now there's a new biopic on Flynn coming from HIGHLANDER director Russell Mulcahy that will be - according to Variety - not about his (long, storied) film career, but about "Flynn as a young man whose magnetism inspires a rag-tag team of friends to set sail on a thrilling adventure in search of elusive New Guinea gold." One of the writer's is even Flynn's grandson, Luke Flynn.

And here's what director Mulcahy had to say about the project:

I want to bring Flynn’s unapologetic and uninhibited desire to experience a full adventurous and spectacular life to the screen...All while revealing his deeply rooted belief in himself and an ability to survive on charisma and bravado.

Sounds like it could be fun, but also seems an odd time in Flynn's life to focus on, as really anyone could be an adventurer searching for gold (it seems the film will be set before Flynn's rise to fame). But I'll give it a chance, as maybe his use of charm to get his pals to do dangerous things and his own athleticism to get out of jams could foreshadow his Hollywood fame later. Still seems a stretch to me, though.

No release date yet, though production has indeed begun with Thomas Cocquerel playing the titular role.

Extra Tidbit: Apparently MY FAVORITE YEAR with Peter O'Toole was based on Mel Brooks' experience with Flynn when Brooks was a comedy writer for a sketch show and Flynn was a guest.
Source: Variety



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