New photos from Justice League, Pirates 5 & more to get you pumped for 2017

I’m sure 2017 will have a lot in store for us: New phones, cool cars, scientific breakthroughs, and enough celebrity deaths to give people cause to post on Facebook, “Uggh, 2017 is THE WORST.” But the one thing we know will be awesome is the upcoming movie season, which is filled with highly anticipated movies of all different shapes and sizes. This summer we got flicks like GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2, ALIEN: COVENANT, PIRATES 5 and in the fall we will be treated to the likes of THOR: RAGNAROK and JUSTICE LEAGUE. Those movies are just the tip of the iceberg, and we now we have a better view of these cinematic behemoths thanks to some cool new photos for LEAGUE, TRANSFORMERS 5, PIRATES and ALIEN. Enjoy the magic below!

The team is all here (mostly) in this sick JUSTICE LEAGUE pic:

Captain Salazar (Javier Bardem) looks utteryl dumbfounded in this new PIRATES 5 image:

Katherine Waterston blows away some alien baddies in this ALIEN pic:

Beauty (Emma Watson) and Beast (Dan Stevens) cut a rug together in BEAUTY AND THE BEAST

Mark Wahlberg is marveling at...something in this pic from TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT

My favorite has to be the LEAGUE photo, because how can it not be? Seeing the whole team up there (sans Superman) is any fanboy’s wet dream come true. It’s enough even to make someone forget about both of the DCEU’s efforts last year. All the other photos are pretty cool too...okay maybe not the TRANSFORMERS one, but still. Hopefully all these movies can defy the expectations set for them and give us one of the best movie years yet. It could easily be the biggest, so we will at least have that.

JUSTICE LEAGUE is set for November 17; PIRATES is set for May 26; ALIEN will arrive May 19; TRANSFORMERS 5 will dominate on June 23.

Source: USA Today



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