New Resident Evil Afterlife trailer has more Milla and crazy action

Not gonna lie -- I'm kind of looking forward to RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE. By now, I have a pretty good idea of what to expect from a movie series that once had Milla Jovovich run down the side of a building and fight a guy with a bazooka on his arm. AFTERLIFE seems like it's going to deliver similar yet superior ridiculousness for my amusement.

The new trailer has hit, and certainly drives home the fact that it was engineered for 3D -- aside from the actual reminders, there are loads of objects being chucked in the general direction of the audience. Plus you can look forward to multiple Millas, more sweaty Ali Larter, some new faces, and plenty of preposterous action.

The movie comes from original director Paul WS Anderson and has Alice (Jovovich) scouring the post-apocalyptic world wrecking zombies and searching for survivors, which leads her to Los Angeles to face the evil Umbrella corporation.

Extra Tidbit: "So what are you doing when 'Prison Break' ends?"
Source: Screen Gems



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