New standee art for The Dark Knight Rises has arisen

The Dark Knight Rises banner

Thus far we have seen a rather curious dearth of marketing for THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, at least in comparison to the viral work other big upcoming movies like PROMETHEUS (see here) and THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (see here) have been doing.  Or even in comparison to the sort of stuff that was done for THE DARK KNIGHT.  But perhaps these new pieces of standee art represent the next phase in the marketing plan for THE DARK KNIGHT RISES.  Let's hope so, anyway.

Check 'em out below and let us know what you think! The depiction of Bane looks a bit hokey to me, intense and gripping (so to speak) though it may be...

Standee Art 1

Standee Art 2

Standee Art 3

Standee Art 4


Extra Tidbit: I saw definite hints in the trailer that THE DARK KNIGHT RISES really is about something, you know? In the sense that beyond merely closing Nolan's Batman saga there are issues at its heart that truly matter.
Source: SuperHeroHype



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