X-Files promo premieres the first footage from the new series

Chris Carter's six-episode X-Files revival is a mere 6 months away, and while we've seen plenty of pictures of David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson to get your every day X-fan excited, we now have the first footage from the upcoming series. In celebration of the original show, Fox is presenting 201 Days of The X-Files. That's one episode per day leading up to the new series premiere on January 24th. Don't believe me? Check out the video below!

The first of nine seasons premiered back in September of '93, and while I never got into the original show, I can appreciate the excitement building for this mini-series. It has been a LONG time coming for fans and despite two films that didn't quite live up to expectations, I think a short run of episodes is just the ticket. After that, who knows? Maybe the popularity will be enough to push for something a little more than that. Stranger things have happened!

The X-Files 6-episode series will debut on January 24, 2016 on Fox.

Source: Fox



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