Olivia Wilde and Steve Buscemi may be getting magical with Burt Wonderstone

Just a few days after hearing about the shortlist of ladies up for the lead female role in the dueling magician comedy BURT WONDERSTONE starring Steve Carell and Jim Carrey, it now seems we've got a winner.

According to THR, the lovely Olivia Wilde (IN TIME) is now in talks to take on the film's female leading role. She'll play Carell's love interest, who at first starts as his assistant but later moves on to work for Carrey. While I really like Wilde in the sense that I really like looking at her, I also feel that it's a totally blah and safe choice in light of that fact that the part could've gone to more interesting comedic women such as Sarah Silverman or Judy Greer. But whatever.

(Note: Deadline is claiming that Wilde is not a lock and that Silverman and Greer may still be in the running since they "made strong impressions" with the studio.)

Meanwhile, the always great Steve Buscemi ("Boardwalk Empire") is also in talks to join the film. He's said to be up for the part of Carell's longtime friend and partner who ends up quitting the act.

BURT WONDERSTONE is scheduled to begin production in January.



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