Our Favorite Movie Easter Eggs: I am Legend, The Mist, Toy Story 3 and more!

These days part of the fun of watching a movie in theaters or at home with the ability to freeze frames, is finding the hidden Easter eggs hidden within. For the history buffs out there, the origin of the cinematic Easter egg dates back to THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW. Supposedly one day on the set, the cast decided to have a traditional Easter egg hunt, as you do, but some of the eggs were never found and actually appeared in frames of the movie! So if you're obsessed with finding hidden messages, jokes, and ways to make you look smart in front of your friends, check out these Easter eggs!

Understandably some of these have been around for a while, but some may be new to other readers; there’s no expiration date on sharing so enjoy and have fun!


I AM LEGEND - Predicted 2016

Do you remember the weekend of December 14, 2007? Sure you do, it’s when the Internet lost its collective shit because of a few seconds of screen time given to a Batman/Superman poster in I AM LEGEND. The writer of the movie, Akiva Goldsman, at one point was working on a 'Batman Versus Superman' movie; that obviously didn’t come to fruition for years later and by different set of filmmakers. As far as references go though, I remember sitting in the theater looking at my friend, eyes as wide as could be, giving each other a collective nod of approval. We’re still waiting for that to be justified, maybe in 2016?


The biggest movie of the summer was full of cameos and nods to the past and teases for the future; it’s a Marvel movie after all. Whether it’s just fan service or a sign of things to come, it’s pretty entertaining to try and catch all the eggs in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. One such egg is the character of Bereet who appears in the film as one of Peter Quills many conquests; and although he forgets that she was still on his ship after escaping from Morag, he did let her wear the same t-shirt he was wearing the day he was abducted from Earth. The man's all heart. To avid comic fans Bereet was the name of a Krylorian film star and techno, most often seen in stories centering on The Incredible Hulk.

TOY STORY 3 - Sid Grew Up

One of the most terrifying characters in the TOY STORY trilogy has to be that of Sid Phillips, Andy's sociopathic 10-year-old neighbor. He “tortures toys, just for fun!" as Rex explains best. Although he didn’t appear in TOY SOTRY 2 (he was briefly mentioned by Buzz) he does make a cameo in TOY STORY 3 as a garbage man, obviously.

FYI: He is still the only person who knows toys are alive.

THE MIST - Dark Painting

A Stephen King Easter egg in a Stephen King movie isn’t much of a stretch, but it was pretty cool nonetheless. You might have noticed the painting Thomas Jane was working on at the beginning of THE MIST; it’s of Roland Deschain, from The Dark Tower series. King loves his crossovers and this one, as subtle as it is, defiantly struck a chord with fans of The Dark Tower series. Meanwhile, a film adaptation remains in limbo.

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