Owen Wilson says Hansel isn't so hot in Zoolander 2

Why ZOOLANDER 2 is moving forward while ANCHORMAN 2 was canned makes zero sense to me. Not to disparage ZOOLANDER, but the audiences for the films are practically identical, and I'm not sure why one was spared the sword while the other was canned.

In any case, it does seem like ZOOLANDER 2 is moving forward, and star Owen Wilson talked to MTV about it recently and had an update about his character, Hansel, who according to him, is no longer so hot right now.

"Hansel, he's fallen on hard times," he teased, before dropping a bombshell: "There's been a disfiguring injury."

When pressed on what sort of injury this might be, he said "Think Vanilla Sky." Yeesh, that's a bad one. So how will it effect him?

"The thing about Hansel is he can't ever imagine himself -- so even if he isn't the #1 guy, I think he still carries himself as if," he said. "He'll still have that Hansel swagger."

Insert Owen Wilson nose joke here I suppose.

Extra Tidbit: I was Derek Zoolander for a skit during Spirit Week and high school I have new respect for girls for being able to constantly wear pants that tight.
Source: MTV



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