Pandemic trailer shows that you are capable of fighting zombies in a movie

Raise your hand if you believe you can make it through an entire action movie shot in first-person point of view without throwing up all over yourself in the theater. 

PANDEMIC is going to put that to the test. 

Shot almost as if it was an first-person shooter video game, PANDEMIC puts you in the movie as the protagonist, dropping you right smack in the middle of the zombie apocalypse and calling upon you to basically help save the world. Other characters will talk directly to you and you'll be an active participant in what goes down, experiencing everything through the eyes of... well, you, as if you were actually there in the moment. 

Sound interesting? It might be, as many popular video games have operated in this way for years. But can it work as a movie when the running and the jumping are sure to lead to shaky cam moments, which no one enjoys? 

We'll find out when PANDEMIC hits theaters in limited release on April 1 and then goes home on VOD on April 5.

Source: Content Media



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