Paramount and Tom Cruise are developing the sequel to Jack Reacher

Ready to take another ride with Jack Reacher?

Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions along with Tom Cruise are ready to go ahead with a sequel to 2012's JACK REACHER. However, it will not come before MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 5 despite rumors.

The sequel will follow NEVER GO BACK, Lee Child's eighteenth book in the Jack Reacher series. Here's a synopsis:

Reacher heads back to his old military base in Virginia to take a woman to dinner who is now the commanding officer. By the time he gets there, she has been arrested, and Reacher finds himself being charged with pummeling one guy and fathering a child with a woman. He can’t remember either transgression but gets to the bottom of it with cunning and sometimes brute force.

Wondering why a JACK REACHER sequel is even being made? While it may not have been one that fans were drooling over, the film didn't do too bad. The cost for the flick was $57 million, has grossed over $218 million worldwide, and has done well in ancillaries. To put it in perspective, the numbers make it prime to build upon the franchise. If the movie would have tanked horribly, then we may not be having this conversation. Plus, the Reacher series is beloved amongst its fans. There's plenty of material to pull from there.

Word is they want Christopher McQuarrie back as director even though he'll be busy on MI:5. If the studio wants to fast track it, they may have to stop waiting and find someone else.

Source: Deadline



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