Paramount CEO confirms two Star Trek films are in the works

A lot of noise has been made about the future of the STAR TREK film series. At one point we’re hearing about the fourth film in this reboot series (including a return for Chris Hemsworth’s character), and the next we’re hearing Quentin Tarantino will be doing the fourth film, and that it will be R-rated. Which movie will actually come next is anyone’s guess, but it turns out we could be getting both our cakes and eating them too, as Paramount CEO Jim Gianopulos confirmed there are not one, but two STAR TREK movies in the works.

The news came out of CinemaCon (where our own Paul Shirey is in attendance) when Gianopulos was speaking about the future of their film slate, including more TERMINATOR films, the long, long-awaited TOP GUN sequel and, indeed, two new STAR TREK movies.

After 2016’s STAR TREK BEYOND came out to solid reviews but so-so box office people in the industry began to speculate about the future of the series. It wasn’t too long before it was said the fourth entry in the series would feature the return of James Kirk’s (Chris Pine) father (Hemsworth) as part of some merging timeline story. But then Tarantino came in.

Late last year new broke befitting for April Fool’s Day that Tarantino was in talks to direct an R-rated STAR TREK movie that could include this same cast we’ve seen in the recent movies. Things took a step forward when THE REVENANT’s Mark L. Smith was hired to write the script. This kind of threw everyone for a loop, with certain cast members not really knowing what the plan is.

Now, Zachary Quinto (who plays Spock) did say recently there were multiple scripts in the works, but some people have assumed this meant Paramount was simply playing with ideas. But now Gianopulos has confirmed they are going to do two new movies, meaning one could involve the Hemsworth story, with Tarantino maybe doing his own thing.

That last bit is simply by own guess, as I have no clue what’s going on either. Fans and critics seemed to like BEYOND, but the box office numbers proved overall audience interest has taken a noticeable hit. Paramount may be trying to get some sort of shared universe model in the works, putting out more movies like Disney is doing with Marvel and Star Wars. This will be something the develops more here in the coming months, so stick around to find out what the hell is going on. 

Source: CinemaConJoBlo.com



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