Parasite sees record box office boost following Oscar wins

PARASITE saw a nice box office boost following its wins at the 92nd Annual Academy Awards and it’s one of the best post-Oscar lifts in years.

PARASITE grossed $5.5 million over the weekend which represented a 234% increase in ticket sales and the biggest post-Oscar boost for a best picture winner in the past decade. To date, the film has made $44 million domestically which is a solid figure for a foreign film in the States.

The South Korean sensation also saw growth overseas as well. The film pulled in another $12.7 million for an international gross of $161 million. These numbers push PARASITE past the $200 million mark worldwide with ticket sales currently at a staggering $204 million.

PARASITE became the first non-English film in history to take home the Academy Award for best picture. Out of its six Oscar nominations, it also won for original screenplay, director for Bong Joon Ho and international feature. Domestic distributor NEON expanded the film to 2,001 theaters in the wake of its victory at the Oscars and I’m thinking a lot of people watching on Oscar night discovered PARASITE for the first time during the ceremony.

Making the surge for PARASITE all the more impressive is that the film is already available for streaming and Bluray purchase. Clearly the uninitiated wanted to catch the film on the big screen rather than at home. PARASITE is likely to end its domestic run with about $50 million and that just caps off a fantastic run for a film that truly deserves all of its success. One of the great things to see has been how much PARASITE has resonated with those who have seen it. I admittedly almost avoided it because foreign films usually aren't my thing but I gave it a shot and the film became my favorite of 2019. 

Were YOU a part of the PARASITE boost over the weekend? What are YOUR thoughts on the film's success?

Source: Variety

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