Patrick Stewart's villainous turn in Green Room is praised in new trailer

Catch anyone who has had an opportunity to see GREEN ROOM, and all you'll hear is raves about Patrick Stewart's turn as the film's villain. Ask for more details and they'll simply tell you that you need to see it for yourself... and it's probably better that way. But now A24's latest trailer for the film is borrowing from those tactics to hype up the film's imminent release. It tells you all about how incredible Patrick Stewart is while only offering up the briefest of glimpses of him even in the film.

Oh, this is a tease of the highest order, and I hope the film can live up to the promises of greatness that are being piled up... When people feel they don't, that's when the backlash occurs. But then again, the studio will have already gotten you to pay money to satisfy your curiosity, so what do they care? They've done their job, and for that, bravo to A24 for this marketing campaign. I'm intrigued.

GREEN ROOM opens in New York and L.A. on April 15, and then goes wide on April 29.

Source: A24



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