Patty Jenkins defends Wonder Woman after James Cameron's comments

Last night James Cameron set the internet on fire after coming out and saying this year’s WONDER WOMAN was a “step backward” for depicting strong women in film, citing how he believes the lead heroine has been objectified for her looks. But now the film’s director, Patty Jenkins, has come back at Cameron saying that all women of different shapes, looks and qualities should have the right to feel powerful. Hear that? That's Jenkins deflecting bullets like a boss.

Jenkins responded to Cameron’s criticisms of the movie’s popularity (though he didn't say he disliked the movie), in a lengthy statement saying that women who are attractive and loving should feel just as powerful and strong as women who are tough and troubled like Sarah Connor in TERMINATOR 2 (played by Linda Hamilton, and who Cameron mentioned in his statement)):

Ah snap, there’s Jenkins with the progressive clap back of the year!

Jenkins is certainly right about how women have the right to choose their feminist icons, and if the money WOMAN has made is any indication then clearly the masses have spoken. WOMAN has earned $800 million at the global box office, and in the process, has inspired generations of young women and given them a role model in a male dominated genre.

Cameron is of course entitled to his opinion and has indeed portrayed many strong women onscreen in movies like TERMINATOR, ALIENS and AVATAR. However, to Jenkins’ point he – being a man – doesn’t really have much clout to say who other women should be able to find inspirational. Diana – much like Sarah Connor – is a strong, confident and capable woman, who also happens to be beautiful. But a woman’s strength should not come from how she looks, and all women should be able to feel powerful and heroic, which is ultimately what Wonder Woman stands for.

WONDER WOMAN hits Blu-ray September 19.

Source: Patty Jenkins



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