Paul Feig talks about the leader of his Ghostbusters and the Tatum film

GHOSTBUSTERS 3 eventually became an endeavor to deliver audiences an all-female GHOSTBUSTERS cast. The why of that, I couldn't tell you, but the backlash was strong enough to start developing ANOTHER Ghostbusters flick by Joe and Anthony Russo (CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER) that will include a mixed cast, with the hopes of combining the two down the road. It seems apparent that this second Ghostbusters film materialized to appease those not happy with the concept of Feig's flick, and the director all but confirms this in a recent interview discussing his cast and the Channing Tatum-produced film that's on-deck.

Paul Feig on his GHOSTBUSTERS ensemble:

It’s an ensemble, but at the same you time you always want to have - you need the one person that brings you into the group [Kristen Wig], but Melissa [McCarthy] is sort of the leader of the group. Everybody will be equal. I just love a deep bench like this. Every one of those women is so strong and so funny and the hard thing is keeping all their stuff in the movie, because you don't want a three-hour long movie!

In regards to the Channing Tatum-produced Ghostbusters film:

That has nothing to do with us. That was a real surprise when that news came out. We’re just doing our thing, and I can’t let that affect me. I don’t even know how real it is. All I care about are my four ladies.

I'm all for equality in movies, as long as it's done in a way that makes sense and doesn't feel forced. With that said, I'm entirely indifferent towards Feig's flick, and more excited about the prospect of a Joe and Anthony Russo-helmed GHOSTBUSTERS with Tatum possibly in the cast. It was originally announced that the Russo's would shoot their GHOSTBUSTERS movie next summer, and despite their commitment to the INFINITY WARS movies, it looks like they'll have ample time to do it. Anyone want to make any guesses on which film will have the better action?

Paul Feig's GHOSTBUSTERS will hit theaters on July 22, 2016.

Who would you want to see alongside Channing Tatum?

Source: IGN



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