Paula Malcomson says Deadwood movie is a Valentine to Trixie and Al

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After HBO cancelled Deadwood over a decade ago, we were teased with some sort of continuation or conclusion to the series, but as time went on and the actors moved to other projects and the sets were destroyed, it seemed unlikely that Deadwood would be resurrected. Then, two years ago, HBO began having "very preliminary conversations" with series creator David Milch about bringing Deadwood back as a movie. Milch was later given the green-light to move forward with a script, which he delivered to HBO earlier this year. Ian McShane and HBO's President of Programming Casey Bloys have showered their praise upon the script since then, but, despite claims that the project is moving forward, I'm trying not to get my hopes up. We've already been burned once before.

Not many people have read the script for the Deadwood revival, but Paula Malcomson (Ray Donovan), who played Trixie on the series, is one of them, and she recently spoke to TVLine about the project. Trixie apparently features prominently in the script, which Malcomson describes as a "big Valentine to Trixie and Al [Swearengen]." Malcomson says that she was also impressed with how David Milch was able to step right back into Deadwood's world after so much time away.

The thing that makes Trixie so fun to play is she’s so loved by David. David loves her so much. I can’t believe her voice is still so present. It’s just right there. It’s really beautiful when you play a character that the writer [adores]. It just goes so deep for him. And I love her [too]. It’s 10 years [later], so it’s going to be really interesting.

Although the Deadwood revival isn't 100% a sure thing, Paula Malcomson says, "I really think it will happen [this time]. And I would never say that. I’m usually the most cynical about these things." I hope you're right, Paula. I hope you're right. HBO's Casey Bloys has said that rounding all of the numerous Deadwood actors up is proving to be a challenge, as is coming up with a budget and finding a director. "It’s no easy task," Bloys said. "[But] we’re inclined to do it." Fingers crossed.

Place your bets. Is the Deadwood movie actually going to happen?

Source: TVLine



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