Welcome back to Deadwood in new trailer for the HBO movie

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Ever since the series was canceled after it’s third season years ago, fans have been begging HBO and the creators of DEADWOOD to bring back the Western drama for another round. While fans won’t get another full season order of the series a new movie will take its place, reuniting all the actors from the original series, including Ian McShane, Timothy Olyphant, John Hawkes, Molly Parker, Anna Gunn and more. The official trailer for the movie brings back all these characters and offers a welcome return to Deadwood, South Dakota, and all the danger, shady dealings and bouts of violence that come with the territory.

For fans of the series, this will an emotional experience, getting to see all the (un)friendly faces back on screen after 13 years away. The characters certainly have more grey in their perfect beards and mustaches – especially Olyphant’s Seth Bullock and McShane’s Al Swearengen. The latter two haven’t skipped a beat, with the latter still grizzled and vulgar and Bullock having that tough steadfastness. They and their dynamic with Senator George Hearst (Gerald McRaney) are the focus of the trailer, while you can see moments with Hawkes, Parker, Gunn and other returning characters.



Written by series creator David Milch and directed by David Minahan, the movie is executive produced by Milch, Minahan, Gregg Fienberg, Scott Stephens, Carolyn Strauss, McShane and Olyphant.

Here’s the synopsis:

In this original movie based on David Milch’s acclaimed, Emmy®-winning HBO series of the same name which debuted 15 years ago, the indelible characters of the show are reunited after a decade to celebrate South Dakota’s statehood. Former rivalries are reignited, alliances are tested and old wounds reopened as all are left to navigate the inevitable changes that modernity and time have wrought.

DEADWOOD: THE MOVIE premieres on HBO May 31. 

Source: HBO

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