Peter Jackson will film his Tintin sequel next year for a 2015 release

I bet many of you never thought you would see that headline. With THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN: THE SECRET OF THE UNICORN only grossing $77 million domestically, it seemed like a forgone conclusion that Peter Jackson would not be making the second film in the proposed trilogy. Well, it seems that thanks to the wonderful international box office numbers (close to $400 million), THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN will continue.

Bleeding Cool reported that during press for THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY, Peter Jackson divulged that he would be filming the motion capture for the movie next year which would aim for a release in 2015. Assuming recent reports that he still has more to film for THE HOBBIT: THERE AND BACK AGAIN, the next year is going to be a crazy one for the director.

I enjoyed THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN: SECRET OF THE UNICORN, but I didn't love it. The motin capture technology is still somewhat static to me, despite advances in the technology. However, a lot has changed even since 2011 when the first movie was released. Look at how much better Gollum looks in THE HOBBIT clips compared to RETURN OF THE KING?

I am hoping this comes true as Tintin is a really cool character. The sequel, whose screenplay will be by Anthony Horowitz, may follow the stories "Prisoners of the Sun" or "The Calculus Affair". I would assume Andy Serkis and Jamie Bell would be coming back. What remains to be seen is who else will join the adventure.

Are you excited for a new Tintin movie?

Extra Tidbit: I always forget Daniel Craig was in SECRET OF THE UNICORN
Source: Bleeding Cool



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