Phenomenal stunts reign over this new Mad Max: Fury Road trailer


We're all in agreement that pretty much every preview thus far for MAD MAX: FURY ROAD has delivered some amazing visuals and the latest trailer is no different. In fact, this new preview will open up the story a little bit more and literally dive into a handful of some of the crazy stunts performed. Audiences can tell what's CG and what's the real deal and it makes a hell of a difference! Without further ado, here's the latest on what's looking to be one of the most exciting pictures of the year!

Some choice shots from the trailer:


The marketing at Warner Bros. looks like it can do no wrong with this film. Every shot is worthy of freeze framing and just taking in the details and colors. Explosions have never looked more vibrant and even the use of CG looks like it enhances the story, and is not run by it. We've been talking about this one for a long time folks, and there's a reason why it's my most anticipated movie of the summer. I can't wait for that day I can sit down and watch this in a theater, and what a lovely day it will be.

MAD MAX: FURY ROAD delivers the carnage on May 15, 2015.


Extra Tidbit: According to IMDb, over 80% of the effects seen in the film are real practical effects, stunts, make-up and sets. CGI was used sparingly mainly to enhance the Namibian landscape, remove stunt rigging and for Charlize Theron's left hand which in the film is a prosthetic arm.
Source: Warner Bros.



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