Pierce Brosnan says "nothing has come" his way for Cable

DEADPOOL 2 will probably start shooting soon, so we can expect an announcement for who is playing Cable very soon. I say that a lot, but every day I do I get more and more right. Michael Shannon has emerged as the frontrunner, with other names like Russell Crowe and Stephen Lang being thrown around in some capacity. However, one actor whose name has been in the mix – Pierce Brosnan – has officially shot all rumors down.

While talking with Jimmy Kimmel the actor was asked about the photo with Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman and himself that sparked all the rumors about his casting. Brosnan was quick to say all reports on the casting were indeed just rumors:

"Not true. Nothing has come my way yet. It's completely made up."

He then explained the photo saying:

We were sitting, waiting for a plane, the three of us, and the guys said, “Quick, let's get a photograph.” Mr. Reynolds said, “Let's do three wise monkeys,” and we put it out there and it went viral.

Wolvie. Bond. Wade.

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Well, now we know who won’t be Cable.

The matter of Cable’s casting in the sequel to DEADPOOL has been a matter of fans and journalists everywhere ever since his presence was announced at the end of the first movie. Since then tons have names have floated around, but most have all just been rumors or matters of wishful thinking.

Brosnan’s case is a good example of how people can often take too much from photos. Viewers saw him with Reynolds and Jackman and assumed it was for a purpose, and imagines began to run wild. In actuality it was just a funny photo (*gasp!*), which is not as exciting, but is a helpful reminder that not everything is an Easter egg. Some silly photos are just silly photos. However, this does wonders when it comes to the casting theories around the THREE WISE MONKEYS movie.

DEADPOOL 2 should begin production soon.

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