Power Rangers releases new poster showcasing the Zords

Ay-yai-yai! More POWER RANGERS news! I actually saw a sneak preview of the film recently, and (in my opinion) I thought it was really fun! While flawed, there is definitely enough time to sand off some of the rough spots if they are so inclinced, as I think the film fundamentally works. To be fair, I don't know what true die-hard fans or the general public will think of it, but I enjoyed it. However, none of the special effects were finished (which seems weird so close to release), so I don't know how the Zords look in action, fully rendered. 

That is all to say here's a new poster giving us our first real glimpse at the films' Zords (that aren't also shitty-ass toys):

I like 'em! I appreciate how the film kept the basic designs of the original Zords (including the bright colors), just making them more sleek and modern, as well as seemingly more alien. I can't wait to see these things in action, fully realized!

But what do you guys think? You like the new Zords too? Or do you prefer they look like cheap, plastic toys?

Either way, POWER RANGERS will "Go Go" into theaters March 24th, 2017.

Extra Tidbit: Bryan Cranston, who plays Zordon in POWER RANGERS, also played the voice of one of the monsters on the original MIGHTY MORPHING TV show.
Source: Lionsgate



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