Production concept art for Iron Man 3 is a tease

The festivities of July 4th have yet to begin, and the internet already feels like a wasteland. Everyone is already out boozing it up and firing roman candles at one another. That's a typical July 4th, right?

For those who haven't completely abandoned me yet, I've got some interesting concept art from IRON MAN 3 for you. Entertainment Weekly got the reveal on these posters that will be given out at Comic-Con next week. The production concept art was done by Ryan Meinerding, who has created pieces for other Marvel films. There's no word from director and co-writer on the project Shane Black on what we are seeing here. Is this in the film? Is he playing with our emotions?

The film will be loosely based on Warren Ellis' Extremis series. For those who have read it, can you paint a picture of what might be going on here? Inquiring minds want to know. For those going to Comic-Con, you can find out for yourself during the presentation on July 14th.

Source: EW



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