Punch like Tom Cruise with Jack Reacher: Never Stop Punching

We put a lot of stock into punching in our society. We punch people when defending someone else’s honor, we accept the fact that punching is the only way for characters to solve problems in movies, and we even punch in and out of time clocks at work. The sweet kiss of the fist is the ultimate period on any sentence. Now, you can punch like the best of them with the new game JACK REACHER: NEVER STOP PUNCHING.

As a tie-in with the upcoming Tom Cruise action flick, JACK REACHER: NEVER GO BACK (not, as I thought, to the comedy POPSTAR: NEVER STOP STOPPING), the game is an 8-bit side scroller that lets the player do one thing and one thing only: Punch everything. You run and jump as Reacher (Cruise) and punch the living daylights out of members of the local police department and other corrupt thugs.  Hell, I would punch anything it threw at me. Thug? Sure. Old lady? Definitely.

As excited as I am for this film, this game beats any other promotional material I’ve seen thus far, and I mean that quite literally. Long have I wanted to step into the shoes of a poorly rendered Tom Cruise, being able to punch and run like a champion of the wind. This game has given me that chance, and I will take it to the limit. You can play the game here, or download it for Android from the Google Play store. Sorry, Apple, you are not worthy of proper punching!

Tom Cruise and Cobie Smulders are gonna punch up a storm themselves on October 21 in JACK REACHER: NEVER GO BACK.

Source: Paramount



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