Ramis talks more GB3

Since it was officially announced (as a mere possibility), there's been a ton of speculation about GHOSTBUSTERS 3. Will the original cast return? Should they or shouldn't they? What will the story be?

Harold Ramis recently discussed the third movie's potential with Making Of, questioning the wisdom of prolonging a franchise for profitability over creativity (he thought SPIDER-MAN 3 felt "manufactured" and describes INDY 4 as "a disaster") and stating that the spook-hunting founders would return for the characters and not strictly for the cake.

Ramis also talks about the difference between the painstaking practical/optical FX and animation of the first GHOSTBUSTERS and the "comic book blend" of today's digital visual trickery, and mentions that there is a "group will" to make another but everyone is waiting to see the first draft (which is still a few months away) from "THE OFFICE" (US) guys Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky before coming to any decisions.

Check out the full interview below, thanks to 'Tymon' for the heads up!

Extra Tidbit: At least you can play the videogame sequel while you wait...
Source: Making Of



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