Red Hood squares off against Pennywise in fan made film Red Hood IT

While we can't host every piece of content that's submitted to our site, every now and again, a cool fan-made film or creative sketch makes it through the gates. Today we have RED HOOD IT, a DC Comics fan film crossover between the universe of DC and Stephen King's IT. The short hosted by the YouTube channel Robot Underdog has already received over 30,000 views since its Monday debut.

In the film, a foul-mouthed Jason Todd aka Red Hood storms a warehouse full of agents who have information that he wants. After following the trail to a nearby building, Red Hood runs afoul of The Joker, who's hiding a dark secret beneath his purple pin-stripe suit and acid flower lapel. Following the battle between Red Hood and the Clown Prince of Crime, we discover that Mistah J is actually Pennysie the Dancing Clown in disguise. It's the type of crowwover that will make you scratch your head at first, though if you watch the film, aspects of it are bound to make sense.

The film features Danny Shepherd and Noel Schefflin of the popular YouTube channel Ismahawk, who reprise their roles as Nightwing and Red Hood respectively. Furthermore, RED HOOD IT was created by Las Vegas natives Hisonni Johnson and Alberto Triana. Johnson, who in the past has worked on several natoable fan films , was a contributor to GRAYSON: EARTH ONE, which has already won a few awards after acieving over 200,000 views.

Source: Robot Underdog2



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