Reilly rides Rapids

John C. Reilly has signed on to star alongside Ed Helms in the upcoming comedy CEDAR RAPIDS. In the film, Helms stars as a small-town businessman who has to travel to Cedar Rapids, Iowa to give a big business speech and is blown away by life in the "big city." Reilly will play a fellow businessman at the conference who looks at his time away from home to let loose. The film reunites Reilly with director Miguel Arteta who he worked with previously on the Jennifer Aniston/Jake Gyllenhaal dramedy THE GOOD GIRL.

RAPIDS marks Helms' first starring role since his breakout role in this summer's THE HANGOVER. He's got a number of other projects in the works including a comedy about Civil War reenactments and the spy comedy CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE. Reilly can be seen next in the teen thriller THE VAMPIRE'S ASSISTANT. Filming begins later this year on CEDAR RAPIDS for Fox Searchlight.

Extra Tidbit: Arteta recently directed the Michael Cera comedy YOUTH IN REVOLT.
Source: THR



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